WBU News Committee

About the WBU News Committee:

The committee commits to facilitating the sharing of issues, with a particular focus on fact-based reporting, journalism that informs and educates, journalist education and training, freedom of journalism, safety of our journalists and crews both in the field and online, disinformation and the declining trust in news media, and access to events and related issues.

For more details, please see the committee mandate here.

Committee members include:
Deborah Steele, ABU
Oswaldo Quintana, AIR|IAB
Larbi Megari, ASBU
Karim Mohsen Slimani, ASBU
Gisele Salome Nnemi Nga, AUB
Stetson Babb, CBU
Garfield Burford, CBU
Liz Corbin, EBU (Chair)
Nicola Frank, EBU
David Reiter, NABA
Kenny Yum, NABA

Liz Corbin
Deputy Media Director and Head of News
European Broadcasting Union (EBU)