WBU Monitors Treatment of Media in Sri Lanka

The World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) continues to closely monitor the Sri Lankan government’s response to attacks on journalists and attempts to intimidate media organizations.

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has formally acknowledged an unjustified assault on media personnel by police and security personnel on ​July 9th, ​2022. It has confirmed that the journalists posed no threat to police and that the assault represented a gross violation of the rights of a free media.

The media company which employs those journalists, MTV Channel (Private) Limited, further states that several staff members in the top-level of senior management were arbitrarily summoned to record statements in respect of the news report on the said date and the arson attack on the private residence of the then Prime Minister.

We call on the government of Sri Lanka to appoint an impartial body to investigate the ​July 9th, 2022 incident and to ensure that police and security personnel do not intimidate, harass or assault any journalists, or anyone associated with the companies which employ them.

The WBU is speaking out on these events in direct support to MTV’s parent company Capital Maharaja Group, who is a member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

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