Technical Committee


The World Broadcasting Unions Technical Committee is the technical organization where Broadcasting Unions consult, exchange, and co-operate in the best interest of their members, their members’ audiences, and society.


The World Broadcasting Unions Technical Committee arranges and facilitates discussions to allow Broadcasting Unions to share knowledge and reach consensus on common technology issues of mutual interest, and take appropriate actions.


  • The World Broadcasting Unions have differing membership levels and internal resources. WBU-TC participants must represent the views of their Union, and must be able to devote an appropriate amount of time to the work of the WBU. Members of the WBU-TC are normally the Chairs of their Union’s Technical Committees, the Technical Directors of the Unions, or Secretaries General.
  • The WBU-TC elects a Chair and two Vice-Chairs for a two-year term.



Bassil Zoubi,
Technical Director, ASBU


Antonio Arcidiacono,
Director of Technology & Innovation, EBU


  • Secretariat services for the WBU-TC are provided by the NABA Secretariat in Canada.


The key objectives of the WBU-TC are as follows:

  • Act as a coordinating body for regional and international radio spectrum studies, policy, committee representation and lobbying
  • Arrange training or education sessions for those Unions in need of such services
  • Provide briefings on new and emerging technologies to non-technical audiences
  • Prepare collective recommendations on technical standards
  • Prepare collective recommendations for submission to standards bodies or other fora
  • Prepare reports on technical options to assist Unions to make informed choices
  • Issue regular communications on the work of the WBU-TC through individual Union’s newsletters, press releases, etc.


  • The WBU-TC should meet every few months. There should be a regularly updated “action register” available to all on-line.
  • The WBU-TC should have a face-to-face meeting at least once a year, and this may be adjacent to one of the Unions meetings for convenience.
  • The WBU-TC should arrange informal discussions amongst those of its members who attend international conferences such as IBC, NAB, BroadcastAsia, etc.

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