Investigative Journalism and the Right to Report – A World Press Freedom Day Webinar

The World Broadcasting Unions (WBU), with support from the EBU and UN, hosted a one-hour webinar on 3 May, 2023 to endorse World Press Freedom Day (WPFD). Under the theme ‘Shaping a Future of Rights – Freedom of expression as a driver for all other human rights’ they will bring together international speakers to emphasize the value of investigative journalism. You can view the webinar video here with the passcode: PwQ.n55#

This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the WPFD and the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And yet, the world faces increasing attacks on media freedom, the safety of journalists and freedom of expression. Undoubtedly, this impacts the realization of other human rights.

Investigative journalism and the right to report are key elements of freedom of expression. Investigative reporting uncovers human rights violations, corruption, organized crime and abuse of power. In-depth stories are shared in the public interest.


  • Diana Swain, Managing Editor – Investigative Journalism/Programs, CBC NEWS


  • Nanette Braun, Deputy Director, Campaigns and Country Operations Division, Department of Global Communications, UN
  • Belen Lopez Garrido, News Editor, EBU
  • Gisele Salome Nnemi Nga, Chief Editor, UAR Ager content exchange center
  • Larbi Megari, News coordinator, ASBU News Exchanges and Programmes Centre


UNESCO site about the day

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