Dick Tauber to Retire from CNN and as Chair of WBU-ISOG

Oct 23, 2013 / TORONTO, Canada – CNN and broadcast satellite industry legend Dick Tauber is retiring at the end of this year. Tauber has been with CNN for over 32 years, starting as a satellite desk trainee in 1981 and working his way up through a number of positions to his current role as VP of Transmission Systems and New Technology for CNN Worldwide. NABA would like to thank him for his significant contribution to member-company Time Warner’s success, but also to NABA and the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) as well.

Tauber has represented NABA in a variety of capacities, including as an active member of both the Technical Committee (NABA-TC) and the former News & Operations Committee (NABA-NOC). He is indisputably best known though for serving as the Chair of the World Broadcasting Unions- International Satellite Operations Group (WBU-ISOG) since 1993. In this role, he has grown ISOG into a twice annual Forum held at broadcasting facilities around the world where many involved in news operations and/or special events coverage consider it a regular and informative must-attend event. On the policy front, WBU-ISOG has found success with many issues including a Carrier ID Standard, mitigating worldwide satellite interference and the interoperability testing of high definition HD video equipment required for the transmission of HD video globally. Little of this would have been possible without Tauber’s herculean leadership. Tauber’s final meeting as ISOG Chair will be at the upcoming Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Nov. 4-6, 2013) co-hosted by Brazil’s TV Globo and IAB. The WBU ISOG Vice-Chair Akira Ogawa of Japan’s NHK will be the interim Chair.

Tauber is also an active member of the Society of Satellite Professionals International and helped establish the Southeast chapter in 2005. He now serves as the President-Emeritus of the chapter’s Board of Directors. Tauber has also been recognized in our industry for this great work with a Technology Emmy, the IBC Innovation Award for Digital Newsgathering, a Broadcasting and Cable Technology Leadership Award, and earlier this year he was inducted into the Society of Satellite Professionals International Hall of Fame for his 30+ years of service. Michael McEwen, NABA’s Director General, will present to Dick Tauber formal congratulations on behalf of his many colleagues and friends from CNN, NABA, and the WBU at the upcoming Rio ISOG Forum.

About NABA:

NABA is a non-profit association of the most influential broadcasting organizations throughout North America committed to advancing the interests of broadcasters at home and internationally. Network broadcasters, both public and private, in the United States, Mexico and Canada, work together to provide a common voice for the North American broadcast community. As a member of the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU), NABA creates the opportunity for North American broadcasters to share information, identify common interests and reach consensus on issues of an international nature. NABA provides representation for North American broadcasters in global forums on topics including journalism issues, protection of content, spectrum related concerns, the territorial integrity of broadcasters’ signals, and digital transmission issues. For further information about NABA, please visit www.nabanet.com


Founded in 1985, the International Satellite Operations Group is a committee of the World Broadcasting Unions. ISOG provides a global forum for members of the WBU to exchange information, outline requirements and resolve common operational problems. WBU-ISOG’s mission is to identify, evaluate, and implement solutions for all operational matters associated with transmission (by satellite or any other means) of video, audio, and broadcast-related data material from sites of news, sports, special events and entertainment, and to work with all international groups, institutions, organizations, and appropriate bodies to achieve these solutions. For further information about WBU-ISOG, please visit http://isog.worldbroadcastingunions.org.

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