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WBU Cyber Security Recommendations for Media Vendors’ Systems, Software and Services

The World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) developed the following cyber security recommendations which reflect the performance aspirations of both organizations in media vendors’ systems, software and services. Based on the original work by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and North American Broadcasting Association (NABA), these recommendations are intended to create a dialogue with media vendors with the goal of their achieving more consistent and effective compliance with cyber security best practices. Read the full document here:

Kazimir Bacic elected Director-General of HRT

Kazimir Bacic has worked for Croatian Radio and Television since 1984, and was most recently Head of Technology at HRT before being elected Director-General. He is also the Vice-Chair of the WBU International Media Connectivity Group (IMCG).

NABA awards International Achievement honour to Bob Plummer

Photo credit: David Layer Michael McEwen remarks on Bob Plummer  February 15, 2017 – Bob Plummer has retired - nobody really believes that but he has and says he likes it. His retirement makes me melancholy both professionally and personally, but he more than deserves it given a broadcasting career that spans more than half a century. And Karen finally gets her husband full time and the grandchildren get Bob as a surrogate nanny. Not bad! Today we celebrate Bob’s career and his enormous contributions to our industry by presenting him with the NABA International Achievement Award, which recognizes excellence and leadership in broadca...