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Statement of the WBU to SCCR 43 on the proposed WIPO Broadcasting Organizations Treaty

The World Broadcasting Unions (WBU), representing broadcasting organizations from all regions of the world, have released a statement to be presented to the 43rd Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR/43) at WIPO. The SCCR will be held March 13-17, 2023. Read the full statement.

World Broadcasting Unions – Report on Intentional Interference to Satellite Services

The WBU-IMCG Working Group on Intentional Interference to Satellite Services has written a report with recommendations for broadcasters to deal with issues of interference. The work documented progressed across three areas: operational, regulatory and technical. The report is available here:

WBU Position on C-Band

The WBU Secretaries and Directors General approve the WBU Position on C-Band calling on satellite service providers and government regulators to protect the availability of the upper part of the C-Band spectrum, where the band has been allocated to satellite services and is currently used to provide many broadcasting services, enabling broadcasters around the world to continue to provide vital broadcasting services to billions of people across the world. Read the full document here:

Caribbean Broadcasting Union Partners Donate Equipment to Hurricane-Hit Radio Services

Photo - Director of Information & Broadcasting Farrah Banks (left) and Radio Anguilla Technician Lester Richardson inspect the fully functioning BBC-donated antenna. The Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) is offering a sincere thank you to its international partners who came through with much-needed support for three of the radio stations hardest hit by catastrophic Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Despite suffering major damage and staff dislocation, Radio Anguilla, Radio Turks and Caicos and the Dominica Broadcasting Service kept transmitting during and after the devastation, fulfilling their mandate as public service broadcasters to provide ...

New .radio Web Domain Taking Applications

For those who work in the radio field, a new web domain is available: .radio. In place of, or to supplement, your .com, .radio is for radio broadcasting companies, internet radio stations, individual radio employees, radio vendor companies, and amateurs. This initiative began with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and is supported by all of the EBU’s sister broadcast unions. The World .Radio Advisory Board (managed by the EBU) handles the administrative end of who can have access to this new domain. The complicated initial launch phase started in August of 2017 and ran for around three months. During that preliminary phase, applicants ...